Nice job! You’ve found your way to us pre-launch. This site is in beta and intended for existing community members. All services are currently being offered at a discount while we finalize our offerings and website. So take a look around, share this page with trusted friends and community, and, of course, get in touch if you have any questions.

Studio Anda

Studio Anda is a branding and web design practice by Ludi Leiva. Started in 2024 after over a decade working as a writer, editor, and visual artist, Anda is a way to incorporate her expertise and interests into one practice.

Anda specializes in thoughtful, expressive visual identity for creative change-makers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. With platform-based web design, art direction, illustration, and copyediting chops, anda is a one-stop-shop.

To streamline processes and keep pricing accessible, the studio offers simplified packages tailor designed for budding brands who want to get their story and offerings out into the world without breaking the bank. 

what we’re into

Working with diverse & first-time founders

A Latina-owned yoga company making the wellness space more inclusive. A founder who quit their 9-to-5 to open a meditation studio—we’re passionate about championing small businesses and solopreneurs who are making a difference.
Authenic storytelling

Your story makes your business and offerings different than anything else that’s already out there—we want to help you harness its unique power. Branding has become an icky concept for many, so we believe in going back to basics: real brands telling real stories and connecting with real humans.
A focused, tailored approach

As a small studio, we take on limited projects at one time in order to laser-focus our energy on meeting our clients’ needs. Our tailored workflow cuts out unnecessary noise so we can focus on building the foundation you need to get your new business out there at a price point you can afford.

Case studies and client testimonials are coming soon.