As an illustrator, I look for magic in the everyday by creating expansive characters and spirited compositions that evoke connectedness, levity, and contemplation. 

My process blends analog and digital methods, incorporating elements from my painting and printmaking practices for a handmade touch. In a pixel-perfect digital world, I appreciate textured strokes, vibrant color palettes, and tiny imperfections that evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia. 

Over the past several years I've collaborated with global companies, magazines, and newspapers on diverse, impactful projects and continue to seek out new ways to tell visual stories that connect and inspire. 

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Adidas, Apple TV+, Samsung, Vans, Dr. Marten’s, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, The Other Art Fair, Creative Debuts, The Guardian, Vice, The Smithsonian, Toms, The Trevor Project, HBO Max, Rock The Vote, them., The Canadian Broadcasting Network (CBC), The Creative Independent, Refinery29, Stylist Magazine, The Body Shop, Coachella Music Festival, Herman Miller, OKCupid, Babbel, Glamour Magazine, Jiggy Puzzles, Knix, Choose Democracy, NBC, So Young Magazine, Vogue Eyewear, Twitter, Tumblr, Lattice, UCLA, Badoo, Ulta Beauty, Planned Parenthood, Amazon Prime Video, Phillips Auction House


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One Club for Creativity
C-Print Journal

Elephant Magazine


The Trevor Project

Vagabond City Lit
Canvas by Saatchi Art

Creating Your Own Path

Vogue Eyewear / Pride Campaign
The Guardian / Saturday Magazine (in print)
“As Above, So Below” (Personal project) / Longlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2024
Grist / The Uproot Project newsletter
Los Angeles Times  / L.A. Affairs column
Los Angeles Times / Feature article illustration
Toms Shoes / Artist Series (click to learn more)
Los Angeles Times / Sunday Times centerpiece
Vans / Holiday campaign (click to learn more)
”Lift Heavy” (Personal project)
Phillips Auction House / Pride campaign  (click to learn more)
Knix / Editorial illustration
Link NYC / Art on Link (click to learn more)
Badoo / Brand illustrations
Apple TV+ / Dickinson campaign / Illustration based on the Emily Dickinson Poem “Hope is the thing with feathers”
The Trevor Project / Brand illustrations (click to learn more)
Herman Miller / Election campaign (click to learn more)
Stylist Magazine / The Body Shop
Natural Resources Defense Council / Editorial illustration

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