I first started working in media & journalism in 2015.

Since then, I’ve freelanced as a culture journalist, been a full-time staff writer & online magazine editor & moonlighted as a content copywriter. 

Most recently, I was the co-Director of Content at Supermaker, a media startup for makers and creators, where I oversaw the editorial strategy and a team of writers.

Prior to that, I was a staff writer at Refinery29 covering gender, culture, and work. While there, I wrote a spectrum of work—from essays to news articles—and created some of the most popular series in our vertical. I was also Deputy Editor at feminist online magazine Everyday Feminism, a columnist at Levo League and Lattice, where I wrote a bi-weekly column called “The Path,” as well as an SEO copywriter for personal finance company SoFi.

Before that, I spent years working as a freelance journalist, contributing countless essays and reported articles on topics across identity, culture, and politics to outlets like Slate, Wired, Glamour, Brooklyn Magazine, and Vice.

I’m currently mainly focused on my visual art practice, but remain open to exciting collaborations and commissions in the writing sphere. If you have a collaboration idea, feel free to get in touch!

Selected Work

I Stopped Writing ‘Sorry for the Delay’ in Emails, and It Changed Everything (Glamour)

Hiding One Love for the Sake of Another (Slate)

Memes Are Helping People of Color Cope With The Trump Era (Wired)

Meet Fluide, the Makeup Brand That Believes in the Power of Inclusion — Not Tokenism (Allure)

How This Brunch Event Is Empowering Women and Non-Binary People of Color in the Trump Era (Allure)

Inside Everybody, The Revolutionary Gym Where All Bodies Are Welcome (Allure)

The Steep Financial & Emotional Toll Of Breaking-Up With Your Live-In Partner (Refinery29)

Master of None Nailed What it Means to be Queer in a Family of Color (Bustle)

Latina Suicide Rates Are Out of Control — Here’s Why (Refinery29)

Stop Eroticizing School Girls, You Creeps (Vice)

Gowanus Darkroom: How One Brooklyn Artist is Fighting To Keep Film Photography Alive (Brooklyn Magazine)

Be Your Authentic Self At Work — But Only if You're White (Refinery29)

Inside Everybody, The Revolutionary Gym Where All Bodies Are Welcome (Allure)

I Took A ‘Stress Leave’ From My Job — Here's What Happened (Refinery29)

Women Leading the Mexico City Earthquake Rescue Efforts Share Their Stories (Vice)*

The Woman Transforming Stretch Marks and Period Stains into Art (Vice)*



“Ludi is a rare mix: not only is she incredibly talented (as both a writer and artist), she’s also highly reliable and cooperative in a way that any editor can appreciate. Everyone at Allure who has worked with her has enjoyed doing so. Hire her, folks!”

— Sam Escobar, Digital Editorial Director, Allure

“Ludi’s a hardworking, multi-talented writer and reporter. She's also hyper-organized, creative, and has her finger on the pulse when it comes to news and cultural issues. She treats her sources and colleagues with professionalism and respect. She's also an amazing illustrator to boot!”

— Bourree Lam, Bureau Chief, Personal Finance at the Wall Street Journal (previously editor at Refinery29)

“Ludi is an exceptional, multi-talented creative and a dream to work with. She has an original and powerful voice and will continue to be someone I turn to for bold, intelligent and gorgeously crafted content.”

— Piper Weiss, Chief Content Officer, Levo League

“It's rare that you come across a multi-talented and hardworking employee like Ludi. I was impressed with the unparalleled creativity [she] brings to every project. That type of high-level creativity takes years to develop, but comes naturally to Ludi. Any company or organization would be lucky to have [her].”

— Michelle Zenarosa, Community Manager at USC Annenberg Innovation Lab (previously Managing Editor at Everyday Feminism)

“Ludi came recommended by a former editor, and I was beyond impressed with her gorgeous and varied illustration and writing portfolio. Ludi not only helped conceptualize The Path column for Lattice but also produces all the illustrations for the stories, giving it a distinct look from all the other content on our site. Ludi's also helped evolve the concept. Super pleased with her thoughtfulness, thoroughness, creativity, and reliability on this series. I'd fully recommend her and looking forward to doing more work with her in the future.”

— Annette Cardwell, Head of Content at Lattice

“Ludi is a gifted copywriter, I’d recommend her for any writing job, every single time.”

— Kate Braner, Content Marketing Manager, Coverwallet

“Hiring Ludi was the best business decision I ever made. She is smart, responsive, conscientious, and takes initiative. You should absolutely hire her!”

— Cynthia Pong, Founder & CEO, Embrace Change
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