I was commissioned by Boots Magazine to create an illustration inspired by Pride Month. The illustration appeared in print along with the following description: 

“Pride, to me, is a reimagining of the universe. It’s the daily manifestation of a more loving, compassionate world where every single person can thrive and lead their fullest, most loving and joyful life. The creation of this world is the responsibility of all of us, regardless of who we are or what we do.”

I collaborated with TOMS on their Artist Series. For this limited-edition shoe, Ludi brought her “Never Alone” illustration to life on TOMS’ iconic Alp. As part of this partnership, every pair of shoes purchased helps drive ground-up change, supporting mental health organizations so they can provide support and services to those who need them.

I was comissioned to develop the visual identity, including logo and visual icons, for a new newsletter from Grist and Uproot Project: The Seedling.

Uproot Project is a network for and by environmental journalists of color and The Seedling shares personal insights and how-tos for reporters covering the climate crisis. 

I was commissioned by Apple TV and the show Dickinson to create an illustration bringing to life the Emily Dickinson poem "'Hope' is the thing with feathers.” The illustration was part of a series called “Emilys of the Internet” which asked women creators to create artistic tributes to Emily Dickinson.

I was commissioned by Knix’s The Lift to create four editorial illustrations for a Valentine’s Day article about celebrating love in all its forms—particularly self-love.